Use Your Own Two Feet to Explore Italy during a Walking Tour


Each season in the beautiful country of Italy will offer you a number of benefits and advantages but autumn is one with a unique experience to offer and may give you the enthusiasm to visit during other times of the year. The temperature is comfortable and mild, the colours of the countryside are phenomenal, and the produce in the markets is more delectable than during other times of the year because of peak harvesting times. No matter if you plan to come on your walking tour alone or with an entire group of family and friends, this is one country that will make your stay something to remember for the rest of your life.


During the summer months in Italy, the temperatures will reach an unreasonable high even as the skies remain clear and the landscapes fantastic, but temperatures start to cool during autumn. During this time of the year, it is still warm enough to enjoy the best of the sea and beaches without forcing you to hide under available shade for comfort during the middle hours of the day. You will get to see the changing of the leaves, enjoy the unparalleled beauty of the countryside as it readies for winter, and enjoy all that Italy has to offer without the frustration of summer heat getting in the way.

Your Pace

Walking holidays in Italy are similar to conventional holiday options only in that they allow you to spend time in a new location and enjoy luxuries that you otherwise must put off when you are at home. These are also completely unique in that you are given the most amazing way to explore the many cities, villages, countryside landscapes, and more without the need to pay for a taxi service or rent your own car. In addition, you will see many places that are completely inaccessible by modern vehicles and be able to move along from one point to the next on your map without being forced to keep a certain pace.


There are a number of walking tours available that make it possible for you to tailor your experience to best suit your needs while out on holiday, including everything from intensely challenging trails to short and relatively easy tours. With this flexibility, you can choose the walking tour that will do the most for your unique fitness level so that you may truly enjoy your stay rather than focusing all your time on simply getting to the next location. It may be that you have some in your group looking for greater difficulty while others want something slow and simple and you may choose something of middling intensity so that all members of the group remain content.

No matter when you choose to visit Italy, your experience will be unique and absolutely unforgettable and you must certainly return for a second visit or more. There are holiday packages available that cover different regions of Italy so that you may continue to enjoy what you love best about a walking tour without seeing the same sights on each visit.

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