Taking An Adventure Sailing Trips In Komodo Islands


Having a vacation is one of the things that can make you happy in life. Then, you need to have a vacation in order to keep your life into ha happy life. Then, for vcation itself, we can choose many ways in order to have a real adventurous and memorable vacation. We can go to mountain and go hiking, we an go to zoo and see many animals, we can go to beach and enjoy the sea, and many way we can choose. One of the greatest way to have a vacation is visiting Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the countries that is called as the paradise because there are many great places we can find and visit while we are in Indonesia. We can go to Kuta Beach, Raja Ampat, or Wakatobi. However, one of the places that has a fascinating view is Komodo Island. What is actually Komodo Islands?

Komodo Island actually is justone of the 17,508 islands that is in the Republic of Indonesia. This island is located in East Nusa Tenggara. There is nothing really special, is we only see from the size of the island. However, it will be very different if we know what is in the island. Yes, this island is the endemic island for Komodo. Komodo is the creature that is categorized as a dragon, or lizard, and also as the ancient animal that can still alive. Komodo is the largest lizard in the world. Komodo Island’s area is about 390 square kilometres, but that is not only for Komodo, because there are human population which are over two thousand. Then, what is the special thing we can find from the island?

  1. Komodo

Of course. This animal takes a main role in this island. Take an adventure sailing trips in Komodo Island East Nusa Tenggara is not complete enough if you have not seen Komodo. The popularity of this animal has been spreaded around the world, make this island as the headquarter for the scientists who want to analyse Komodo. Besides Komodo, there are many animals here. Other fauna in this island are water buffalo, banded pigs, civets, cockatoo and macaques.

  1. Pink Beach

Why does this beach is called Pink Beach? Because this beach contains of “pink” sand. This place is also considered as one of only seven beaches in the world.

Awesome, isn’t it? Without no doubt, you have to visit and take an adventure sailing trips in Komodo Island Indonesia. Why? Because Komodo Islands is worthy to visit. With many things that we can see and learn, we can be more experienced with many things. Then, when you want to take an adventure sailing trips in Komodo Islands, you do not have to think much about the money, because the money is very simple. You do not need much money to visit this place, because the trips is not really expensive as you think. Do you want to go here? If you want to, just prepare yourself for your trip.

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