Travelling Through Bali: What You Should Know

So, you are ready to give Bali a try? Really, there is no reason you shouldn’t. Bali is an incredibly beautiful island that will wow any avid globetrotter. That’s not all, the amazing culture, incredibly mouthwatering meals, and yes, ancient temples is bound to serenade travelers who dare to visit Bali. But before you take that trip to this exciting city, there are things you’ll want to have up your sleeves. Trust us, this would save you a lot of hassles. Guess you can’t wait to read them already? Well, we too can’t wait to give you all the information you will need to enjoy all that Bali promises. Here are some things you should know about Bali, this would make your experiences absolutely memorable especially for first times visitors.
Respect local cultures
Yes, Bali has a very rich tradition that is highly revered by locals. Trust me, you don’t want to say anything bad about their culture. For locals in Bali, culture is everything. They hold it quite dear. So, if you want to really enjoy your stay in Bali you’ll have to respect their cultures and norms and part of that culture is wearing only special clothes to their temples. Absolutely, there are special clothes that are fitting for temple visits. So, if you intend to visit one of Bali’s famed Temples, it would make a lot of sense to go there donning temple outfits.
Get a grip of a few local words
Want to saunter through Bali without any hassles? Then you wouldn’t go wrong to learn a few Balinese phrases. Doing this will help you easily communicate with locals who are welcoming and always willing to communicate with tourists and visitors who speak their local dialect. On the flip side, this could be fun. We don’t know about you, but for us, learning a new language is always exciting.
Anticipate crowds
You think you’re the only one who loves Bali? Absolutely no. Bali attracts throngs of people all year round. Many flock to the wellness resorts, others to the beaches, more still to the Ubud area.  This isn’t surprising giving Bali’s amazing history, beautiful landscape, incredible ancient temples, mouthwatering meals, exciting surfing spots and endless strips of water. There is so much that attracts people to this pristine city. So, before you board that flight to Bali, expect to meet fun crowds who are looking to enjoy all that Bali promises just like you want to.
Make your choice of where to stay carefully
So you can’t wait to visit Bali? But have you considered where you’re going to stay while making the most of your vacation? Let’s give you a heads up! Bali can sometimes experience a bout crazy traffic and hot weather that will force you to remain in your fully air-conditioned room all day. As such, before you take that trip to Bali you have always fantasized about, it’s good to do a little bit of research to know the perfect time to visit Bali. Also, you’ll want to ensure you stay somewhere that is conducive enough. Thankfully, Bali boasts of decent accommodations you will be proud of. And guess what? They are quite affordable.

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