Types of Restaurants to Check Out in Norfolk Island


There are plenty of activities in which you’ll want to partake when on vacation, especially when it’s somewhere as lovely as Norfolk Island. You want to see the sights, take in the culture, experience the thrill of the city or natural beauty of the countryside, and simply soak in every last ounce of your surroundings—and then, of course, you’ll want to eat!

In fact, for the foodies out there, that might just be at the top of the list. Enjoying various forms of international cuisine is one of the most accessible and, indeed, unifying forms of multiculturalism in the world today. To that end, when it comes to finding the best restaurants in Norfolk Island, there are many different types of places that you’ll want to try out.

Historic Restaurants

Sometimes a restaurant is more than a restaurant. Certain places, certain atmospheres and ambiances and, indeed, even certain styles of food have the ability to transport us back in time. In addition, some restaurants are simply iconic or otherwise historic in their own right.

Such a place is historic Bailey’s Restaurant. An iconic location in Norfolk Island for decades, it’s not just a great place to grab a bite but a fantastic way to get in touch with a little slice of the island’s history culture as well. From the outdoor verandah to the impeccable décor, it’s an unmissable experience!

Café Areas

When it comes to taking in the full colour of modern life in any given locale, cafés are some of the best options for tourists and natives alike. Cafés have a long and proud history of being hotspots of contemporary culture. They’ve served as the centre for some of the most profound salons and debates throughout the centuries and promise stimulating conversation in a scintillating atmosphere that is simply not to be missed. Add to that the fact that so many of the best cafés offer the option of outdoor seating, thus allowing you to soak in not just the beauty of a warm summer’s day but likewise take in all the hustle and bustle and fashions and trends of contemporary life in a given place, make visiting a place such as the Governor’s Café in Norfolk Island a must!

Lounge and Formal Dining Areas

As evening rolls around and you get ready for dinner after a long day of sightseeing, why not treat yourself to an extra dose of luxury? Elegant dining areas are one of the hallmarks of great cuisine throughout the world and that’s likewise the case in Norfolk Island. Why not treat yourself to an expertly-brewed cappuccino and elegant evening dessert? Or take a seat by the verandah and drink in the natural beauty of Norfolk Island at sunset while you sip a fine Australian wine paired with a fine fish or chicken course? The Governor’s Lounge Bar offers just such an atmosphere and is an excellent example of Norfolk Island nightlife at its classiest.

When visiting Norfolk Island, take the opportunity to visit some of the finest restaurants in all of Australia!

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