5 Important Tips for ESTA Visa for the USA


The United States of America is a famous country for international travelers. There are many places of historical relevance that inspire tourists from around the world. Therefore, the government of the country introduced some of the beneficial procedures that promote the visit to the country.

A travel authorization is essential to enter the States. An ESTA visa for the USA allows permission for traveling to the country. It takes up to 24 hours to process and needs to be done online. It is a license, not a visa. There are 38 countries that are preserved under the Visa Waiver Program so, they don’t need a visa, but do need an ESTA visa for the USA except for the citizens from Canada and Mexico.

Thus, before you start packing, consider the USA travel checklist to ensure a safe and enjoyable vacation. Below, are some of the tips that one needs to follow and be aware of, to get an ESTA Visa:

  •    Have your paperwork in order:

When you are planning your visit to the USA, you must stay up to date about the USA travel requirements, such as passports and visas. It is necessary to register your trip with the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) before the journey. The minimum is at least 72 hours before the departure and then one can submit their ESTA Online Application for the fast and easy method. While executing the process, the applicant should have a passport, the address of where they will be staying in the country along with the flight details. Once immigrant finishes their application, they should keep the form number safe and within reach. The foreign national must keep and bring their printout of the application when they travel to the US for their records. It is useful when they need to change any information.

ESTA for the USA acquire a small fee payable by credit card which will remain valid for two years. An ESTA visa holder can make an unlimited time of visit to the US throughout the validity period of your travel authorization.

  •    Need of an attorney in exceptional cases:

The applicant doesn’t have to use an immigration attorney to apply for travel authorization through ESTA whereas there are services and travel agents that can assist with the process for a fee. The application is uncomplicated as well as straightforward and takes about five minutes and $14 to complete. The foreign citizens who have been restricted, warned, or have experienced immigration issues may need the assistance of a lawyer to ensure that they answer it correctly.

The visitor must disclose any arrest and immigration problems such as denial of a US visa, refusal of entry into the US on the ESTA application. If they do not, it could be inferred as fraud, which may make them unacceptable to the US. Therefore, consider speaking with an emigration lawyer so that it could not impact their visa applications.

  •    Know your visa situation:

It is relevant for travelers to understand the requirements for entering the country. The Visa Waiver Program (VWP) allows nationals to enter the US for tourism or visitor purposes for up to 90 days without a visa. If you enter the country under the VWP, then you must apply for authorization. The requirements to travel under the VWP include possessing an e-passport, a citizen of a member country, possessing the ESTA authorization, business, pleasure or transit purposes, and staying in the US for not more than 90 days.

  •    After completing the Application:

The foreign nationals are only permitted to update their email address and the address of where they will be staying in the US. They are required to reapply for ESTA authorization if they want to make some changes.

If the foreign nationals have previously received ESTA authorization, they must remember to renew it, for additional future trips to the country. The authorization of ESTA is valid for two years or until the passport expires.

  •    Cost and charges for ESTA:

The US government started charging travelers for the Apply for US ESTA Visa since 2010. The travelers must pay a nominal fee of $14 but, if you use their services for your ESTA Registration, you will be charged a total of £32.40. It includes the fee, credit card charges, as well as the processing fee.

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