Platinum Card: What Is It and What Are Its Benefits?


While searching for the best credit cards online, you’ll often come across platinum cards from many different credit card providers. What are these platinum cards? Do they offer better benefits as compared to other cards like gold or silver cards? Read this post to find out.

Credit card providers now offer many different types of cards with a host of different features and benefits. While some are just standard cards with basic features, there are others which provide many benefits like higher credit limit, more reward points, travel and leisure benefits, and much more.

If you are looking for the best credit card on the internet, you’ll regularly come across platinum cards from many credit card providers. What are these platinum credit cards? Are they better than other credit card categories? Let us have a look-

What are Platinum Cards?

While a lot of you might not know, the colour of your credit card actually says a lot about its features and benefits. Some of the most popular credit card colours are black, silver, gold, and platinum. As compared to other card categories, you’ll see that platinum cards generally offer far better features and benefits.

Apart from a higher credit limit, these cards generally offer several additional benefits like-

  • Joining bonus
  • More reward points for your spends
  • Better options to redeem your reward points
  • Renewal bonus
  • Travel and leisure privileges
  • Concierge services
  • Superior bank privileges

Eligibility Requirements of Platinum Cards

As the add-on benefits of the platinum card are considerably better than other cards, they also have higher eligibility criteria. Most of them have high-income requirements, and you should also have a good credit history to be eligible for a platinum credit card. Moreover, you should also have a permanent residential address in India to be eligible for the card.

Platinum cards are available for salaried as well as self-employed professionals. Many of the card providers now allow you to apply for the card online if you meet the eligibility requirements.

Co-Branded Credit Cards

Many of the platinum cards are also co-branded cards. Two parties are generally involved in sponsoring these cards- one is your credit card provider, and the other can be a gas retailer, travel booking portal, or an airline. Apart from the standard benefits of the card, you can get additional benefits related to the retailer involved in the sponsorship of the card.

For instance, if an airline is sponsoring a platinum credit card along with a card provider, the card will have additional benefits related to the airline and flying in general. It usually gives you a higher air miles earning if tied to the loyalty programme of the airline. The eligibility requirements and application process for such co-branded cards are similar to that of a standard platinum card. This makes them better than basic platinum cards.


Platinum cards are highly privileged credit cards, but they come with higher eligibility requirements too. But as compared to the past, the eligibility requirements are now more lenient. If you want even better benefits, go for a co-branded platinum card, and you are sure to enjoy the amazing extras.

Go through all the details of the platinum card, including the benefits, fee, applying process, etc. before applying to make sure that you select a card that perfectly suits your requirements and offers maximum benefits.

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