10 Must Have Campervan Accessories


Preparing for a campervan journey doesn’t stop with just obtaining a proper size winnebago to fit you and your traveling companions and planning out your route and stops. Your campervan is going to need a number of accessories in order to provide maximum comfort and efficiency on your trip. These can range from small, useful items to major devices that will determine the success of your journey. A properly outfitted campervan will make you trip so much easier since you can then simply enjoy the travel and the sights where you will be stopping. A campervan trip should be relaxing and enjoyable, and having the proper accessories along for the drive will go a long way toward making it so.

If you are planning a trip in the near future, make sure to have these ten items close at hand when you take to the road.

Instant Pot

With an Instant Pot you can roll all your cooking accessories into one. Some models combine all aspects of a pressure cooker, steamer, crock pot, and slow cooker into one small pot. Just imagine the space you will save not having to pack an abundance of cooking supplies and only have to bring one device. With the Instant Pot, you can achieve this no problem and still rest easy knowing you can perform any type of needed cooking task.

Custom Shower Head

Just because you are away from homes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a luxurious shower. Most campervan shower heads don’t have enough water pressure to really give a strong shower flow, but if you bring a custom shower head along you can not only get a stronger flow but also enjoy different water flow options. This will really make a difference after all those hard hours on the road when all you want is a nice hot shower.
Small Vacuum

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep things tidy. Making your campervan interior as clean as possible will go a long way toward making sure you are traveling in top comfort. Of course you don’t want to be lugging large vacuum cleaners on the road, so seeking out a small but powerful vacuum is recommended. This way the device can be tucked away neatly and be brought out to suck up any debris at the end of the day when you set up camp.

Water Filter System

Water quality is one of the top issues facing travellers. No matter which area you may be journeying through, there could be issues with the water that can make you ill or simply produce a bad taste. This is why a water filter system will come in handy. This can be attached right to the faucet in you campervan and will guarantee that you are drinking pure, great-tasting water for the duration of your journey.

Portable Ice Maker

Ice is an absolute must when on a long road journey Not only can ice be used to keep your drinks cold but it can help in the refrigeration of your meats and other food items. Plus, if on the road during a hot summer you are going to want to have ice close at hand in order to stay cool. A portable ice maker will allow you to turn even the most tepid water into ice within just ten minutes.

Wireless Weather Station

With a wireless weather station you can find out the temperature, humidity, and other important factors at any given moment in any part of the world. Some models even predict barometric pressure and can make incredibly accurate weather predictions.


Chances are if you are moving through remote areas you are going to lose your phone signal and internet. With a hotspot you will always have wifi even in the most far flung regions. The great thing about hotspots is that they work for a variety of devices, so one hotspot will work for all the devices in your Winnebago. This is an absolute must for many travelers, and the smallest hotspots can fit into the palm of your hand.

Tire Pressure Monitor

One of the worst things that can happen on a road trip is a tire blowout. Not only can these cause significant delays and hours stranded on the side of the road but they can cause serious accidents as well. For this reason, having a tire pressure monitor will allow you to rest easy. You can keep an eye on the tire pressure right from the dashboard and will know if anything is amiss long before a blowout occurs.

Power Strips

Depending on the number of outlets on hand in your campervan, bringing a few power strips along on the journey will assure that all of your electronic devices can be plugged in at all times. This is a simple convenience that will go a long way toward assuring your journey goes smoothly and is devoid of annoyances.

Two-Way Radios

Also known as a walkie-talkie, two way radios are great since they will allow you and your traveling companions to stay in touch when apart without wasting phone data.

There are many accessories that will help make your Winnebago trip run as smoothly as possible, so make sure you have what you need before setting out on your journey.


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