Is it required to make a payment for Esta Application?


One of the most repeated questions asked by those wanting to acquire travel authorisation to the United States concern the cost of the ESTA application. Of course, and as we shall subsequently cover more in particular, this application is not free, as could be look forward to that you will require to pay for the price of the important administrative fees. To better see the price of an ESTA application we have prepared some clarifications as detailed below.

It is entirely understandable that the ESTA authorisation application is payable. Firstly, before, when it was important to apply at the American Embassy for a visa this was also to be paid. These are therefore the similar fees that you require to pay when you give in your application. In fact, once the set of questions ingrained to an ESTA application has been completed it is sent to the applicable American authorities to study before giving a response with reference to the authorisation, or not, for entry onto American territory.

As you have doubtlessly observed, the price of an ESTA application can vary from one website to another. In all cases though the amount paid to the American authorities is the similar. You very likely think why then the costs charged are variable. There are various methods of sorting out the payment of fees connected to your ESTA application and these differ according to the website you use, normally you can pay by credit card, cheque or bank transfer. Despite that it is essential to note that your travel authorisation application is not send on to the relevant American authorities until payment has been received. It is therefore advised to make your payment by credit card, specifically as this method of payment is highly safe.

It is not essential to pay for an ESTA application for every trip to the United States. In fact, once you have acquired your travel authorisation it is worth for a two year period counting all future trips of less than three months during that period to the USA. Once this period has run out, you will require restoring the method and therefore again pay the supervisory costs. Some people think if it is feasible to acquire an ESTA for free or to advantage from special costs or payment exclusion. The answer to this is surely and unluckily negative as all visitors to the United States are required to pay the similar fees and prices deep-rooted in processing of the application.

As explained in advance, these fees are mainly to cover the prices of conveying your application to the American authorities and paying for the complete examination and processing by the hindmost. And even if the method is electronic and less time utilizing it still needs the attention of agents in charge for the verification of specific details and therefore payment of these services. It is therefore entirely not possible to not pay for an ESTA application. However it is significant to understand that the ESTA system is generally far less costly that the conventional visa application. It is therefore far more beneficial financially to complete this online travel authorisation application rather than waste so much time and money applying in person for a traditional visa through an Embassy.

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