Where to Travel While Studying Abroad in Europe

Studying Abroad

Studying abroad in Europe is nice, but you might meet several challenges when it comes to what places you should visit. Europe is a beautiful continent with thousands of places to visit, and you simply can’t see everything during these few free weeks you have from college. Check out below a few of the smartest strategies on how to plan your visits across Europe

Studying Abroad

Decide what you want to see and do. Research well.

If you are a great aficionado of French movies, French cuisine or art…then Paris is next on your list. Go online and start researching the best places to visit in Paris such as restaurants, theaters, museums, bed & breakfast for your stay, etc. Having a well-drawn up schedule will help you manage your time much better, and so you can visit everything that you want and that you are interested in. If you are fascinated with European history, then you can’t leave out Germany from your list. Also if you want endless sea and fun you should go to places like Greece or Italy.

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Splitting the travel costs with colleagues

You can actually save a lot of money on your beautiful travel throughout Europe if you will decide to split the costs with friends. When you buy tickets in group it is cheaper, or if you go by car you will split the gas money. Another good idea is to pick your next travel destination based on where in Europe you have friends. For example if you have friends living in Spain you could visit this country. You can surely sleep at your friends’ house, and this way you save the money on accommodation. Next year, invite your friends to visit you. This strategy works quite well, so it is worth trying to apply it.

Budget friendly travel destinations

Have a look online at some of the most affordable options advertised. This year, Greece might have some very good offers, or Sweden might also be an inviting option. Go to the places where the travel packages are the cheapest, and then you will surely save a lot of money. Check out cheap flight tickets, affordable hotels, or all inclusive last minute deals.

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