Top sights in Peru: Cusco and Machu Picchu

Peru boasts of extensive cultural and historical richness and the sights on offer bring out the human emotions in the best of ways. With the age old empires and civilizations setting up the modern era perfectly for the enthusiasts, intrigue is something which sets this mainland ahead of its contemporaries. Be it the archaeological ruins or excavated establishments, Peru has is store something enigmatic which is beyond the conventionality of thoughts and clarity of words. While visiting this land of magic and captivating spells, one must look to get the basic right and zero in on the best possible options associated with the same.

Be it the Internet or certain experienced travellers, everybody hails Cusco and Machu Picchu as the top sights across the dimensions or Peru. These sights are both culturally equipped and are a class apart owing to the perfect lodging facilities and heartening cuisines. One may still look to argue with Nazca Lines and Colca Canyon added into the mix but the backbone still spreads across the caveats of Machu Picchu and Cusco.

A brief description of each would allow the readers to know the place better and then asses the travel itinerary based on the preferences:

  • Machu Picchu- When the mountainous glory and the age old citadels are talked about, this place tops the list with flying colors. Be it the trails leading to this land of Incas or the usual travel routes comprising of train travel between the canyons, Machu Picchu travel experience never fails to surprise even after umpteenth number of visits. Often considered as the sacred monument featuring divinity, these ruins are mostly considered as the last remains of the unprecedented valor. One can also look for certain exploratory options which would include the adrenaline rushing climb leading to the Wayna Picchu. The viewpoint is next to perfect and is apt for camera recordings and visual satisfactions. Sensing the bouts of spirituality on offer is not a difficult task as the place brims on class and solitude. It feels like we are time travelling across several generations once the aura of Machu Picchu engulfs us in its arms. This helps realize the importance of this place in the global hierarchy and it deserves a mention in the list of best seven destinations of the World, let alone Peru.
  • Cusco- If Machu Picchu is the haven for the travellers, Cusco acts as the entrance to the same. This place is reminiscent of the class and enigma which Peru has in store for the visitors. One can look at the dazzling temples and most of the ancient cities which emanate bouts of spirituality. For the first timers in Peru, Cusco is a place to delve deep into. The Cusco market is famous for the handicrafts and offers a holistic palate of reasonable bargains. Being the archaeological capital deserves a few accolades and this city lives up to the hype in every possible manner. One can either go for the Inca walls which surely deserve some mention while travelling to the fabled Machu Picchu. Be it the mortar beds or the granite blocks, visitors do get an insight of the creativity looming large since eternity. The Spanish Colonial remains do offer a leasing view and form the backbone of this city. With the mountain air allowing you to relax, the adrenaline rush is quite fitting with the high altitude taking its toll on the body, offering a new experience. Other places which are worth visiting include the Sacsay huaman ruins and the sacred valley which is an absolute crowd puller.


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