Sri Lanka: Enjoy with family on wheels

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a tiny and small island but well-endowed with natural beauties and unique features that make it a paradise of its own kind. It is also blessed with untamed wild and historical features making the island one of the top travel and tours destination to visit in the world. From the historical ruins of kingdoms across the beautiful flower gardens, traditional dances and drumming to its wonderful beaches, Sri Lanka is simply a cool place to be visit with one’s family! Travelling by wheel enables one to travel across the beautiful countryside exploring its magnificent and magical scenes. Some of the breaths taking adventures are discussed below:

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka cultural triangle’’

The adventure begins from the archaeological ruins of the 4th century BC, the cave paintings and deep into the forest home to ancient ruins. All these places offer one’s family a magical scene of a lifetime! It is a wonderful experience that will never fade at the back of one’s memory. Then one can visit the Dambulla temple. This is a temple built in the middle of caves. Inside the temple are collections of Buddhist statures. Travelling with one’s family, one can chose from many of the travel and tour companies. One can easily hire Tuk-Tuk tours (three wheels bikes) which are more popular among tourists in Sri Lanka. These are ideal to carry around a whole family. An elephant trek is another unique experience one would not afford to miss in Sri Lanka. Here, people cross the river while riding elephants!

Luxury surfing in Sri Lanka (normally between Novembers to April)

Surfing is another wonderful seasonal activity to enjoy in Sri Lanka. The activity normally starts between November to April each year. A good place to enjoy surfing is Hikkaduwa. The waters here have large waves making surfers to feel the real pleasure of paradise on earth! One need not be an experienced surfer. There are many professional surfing instructors who can make one to learn fast with a lot of fun. Apart from the surfing activity, Hikkaduwa is such a cool place to take family to relax, refresh and forget the monotony of their home.

Udawalawe National Park

The Udawale National Park is located lies about 200 km south east of the city of Colombo and it is a major tourism destination. The park is home to about 400 elephants. For one to see the herds of elephants, it is ideal to board a vehicle with open top. Apart from elephants, the park is also home to water monitor, monkeys, leopards, water monitor, lizards, water buffalo and samba deers.

Belilena is a large cave where prehistoric skeletal remains of Homosapiens Balangodensis (balagonda man) dating 12,000 years were found. Apart from this, recent excavations have unearthed more fossils dating at least 32,000 years. All this archaeological wealth puts Belilena as a top place to visit in Sri Lanka. The place is easily accessible by road making it convenient and cheap to tour. It is also a good place where families can take their children to learn about the history of man apart from just the adventure.

Sri Lanka is rated as the world’s second tourism destination and indeed it deserves. For foreign nationals who wish to travel to Sri Lanka, they can arrange for Sri Lanka Visa which is possible online through ETA system.

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