Exploring Turkey: Best Tourist Attractions

Are you looking for something familiar as well as exotic? Something that takes your breath away every single day of your holiday? Turkey is the place to be. There is no escaping the experience you get while touring this great Asian country with its rich history, culture and tourist attractions. Since a part of Turkey is in the European continent, there is a mix of both the Asian and the European cultures which makes it exceptional to tour.
Therefore join me in exploring some of the reasons why you need to visit Turkey as soon as possible;

Exploring Turkey
Best Attractions in Turkey

1. Archeological Sites
Because of the succession of the states (Hittite, Phrygian, Urartian, Roman, Hellenistic, Byzantine, Armeno-Georgian), Turkey has the best archeological sites. There are remote churches, hilltop fortresses, city bazaars amongst other exciting places to visit.
Historical books including Julius Caesar who conquered near Amasya and St. Paul who crisscrossed Turkey are some of the features that attract visitors to Turkey. There are also Cappadocia’s fairy Chimneys, Byzantine Christians as well as Ottoman sultans located in Istanbul that expose the history of Turkey in a way you never imagined before.

2. Landscapes and Activities
Turkey has amazing Aegean beaches and mountains on the east that offer diversity. You can hike these mountains, cruise on the Bosphorus as well as the Markets and nightclubs in the capital of Istanbul. Water sports, horse riding and mix trekking are some of the activities done on the southwestern coasts of Cappadocia.

3. Culture
The people of Turkey are so hospitable and proud of their culture. They understand it very well and are always ready to explain it to whoever wants the information. They are fully aware of the various subjects for instance kilims (flat-weave rugs) and the Aya Sofya’s floating dome. Whenever you go visiting this country, be sure to catch up with some of its inhabitants who will break down the culture or better still, visit its museums for more interesting depths of their culture.

4. Food Variety
To say that there is food diversity in Turkey is an understatement. From Mediterranean to Asian to European recipes, your taste buds will be left asking for more. In the morning, Turkish breakfast is bound to take you to the heart of the Turkish culture with most recipes from the kitchen garden. If you are a fan of Aegean vegetables and spicy Anatolian Kebaps, then Istanbul is where you want to be. You will not get disappointed.

Visitor Information
Just like any other country, visitors to Turkey are required to have a visa obtained in any of their Turkish diplomatic missions with an exception of the 120 countries which are either visa exempt or can obtain a visa on arrival. From January 2015, the required rule is that passports will be ensured to be valid for at least 60 days beyond the permitted stay. In addition, the Turkish e visa is fully in operation so if you are tech savvy, getting Turkey visas is just a click away. Pack your bags now and enjoy your stay in this beautiful country.

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