Planning a Trip to India? Here’s What Travelers Need to Know


India is an incredible place for visitors to explore from around the world. There are top travel circuits in India with many recognized travel companies offering services to take you around for a charge. However, you must be aware of scams and this is one of the  things you need to know if you’re planning a trip to India.

There are other things listed here to try and prepare you so that you can enjoy the trip and focus on top sightseeing destinations in India.

  1. Avoid touring too much in less time

This is one of the biggest mistakes you have to avoid. It is a new place and different travel in different climate. So if you feel you can pack a lot of touring into a day then think again. This will give fatigue and you cannot enjoy the pleasure of sightseeing.

  1. Carry your mineral water at hotels too

It is good to carry bottled water even if you plan to eat in hotels. All places are not trusted for hygienic food especially the tasty tangy street food. Watch where you eat and eat at places that are hygienic and offer food / drink in disposable plates/ glasses. Avoid food that is open and cut into pieces like fruits.

  1. Moving around in crowded places

Most of the city areas and market places are overcrowded including streets, public transport like buses,  elevators, etc. Sometimes you may be pushed, squashed, or people may even step on your foot as most of them are in a rushing hurry. Also, you can move with the luxury trains like Maharajas Express and get the complete details about the Maharajas Express train fares.

  1. Several people may see a foreigner for the first time

It is possible to find people of all ages staring at you or your things, hairstyle, accessories, etc. Not all parts of the country have people from other country visiting often. So, for many locals you may be the first foreigner they’re seeing and it feels weird if they stare as they’re curious and don’t mean offense.

  1. Traditional dressing is advisable

If you’re visiting cultural places, temples or places of worship, rural areas or villages it is best to dress conservatively similar to others. It is not the same as in cities so especially at temples be prepared remove shoes, cover head with scarf, etc. So females can carry a scarf to cover the head or shoulders.

  1. Get familiar with ‘Indian Standard Time’

By this I mean not only the time zone called IST but the standard time what people make it. Many offices, schools & colleges, institutions, etc. follow time and punctuality. But still people are laid back when it comes to keeping appointments, meeting with friends, turning up as planned for outings, etc. Don’t get worried if your friend or travel agent arrives late or if an official place opens late. Blame it on the heavy traffic too.

  1. Congested Traffic & Noise

Even the wides roads are heavily congested at office times and as mentioned earlier almost everybody is in a hurry to reach somewhere faster than others. You can expect much honking, loud horns, and vehicles zooming past with the loud noise and always take help while crossing the road.

  1. Learn basic Hindi words

Learn at least 10 – 15 words that will be helpful when you travel to India including greetings like namaste, etc.

  1. Stay Cool

Even negotiating at a street market or honking can lead to heated arguments on roads, so don’t let it disturb your trip. Stay cool and don’t get annoyed.

  1. Select the Best Travel Circuit

There is so much to see in the country.  Wildlife sanctuaries in India, the serene lakes of Udaipur, less crowded villages, the snow-capped Himalayas or beaches in India, Golden Triangle Tour, or palaces and monuments. Select a trusted travel company that has tour packages that are customizable according to your preference. Before planning your trip to India, must check out the Maharajas Express train route map that can help you to reach the destination.

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