How ESTA Impacts Your Travel to the US


Every year thousands of tourist converge on the land of the United States, the hub of multiple opportunities. Be it for the business purpose or taking the tour of its richly endowed man-made creations, it would never stop amazing you. Traveling to the United States require some protocols to follow, where VISA is a must-have element.

However, with the steps taken by the US govt. for normalizing the process of traveling to the country, the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) came to the limelight. This program enables travelers to enter into the periphery of this country without any visa approval. For such process, the ESTA application i.e Electronic System for Travel Authorization, the Dept. of Home Land Industry have been designed for automating this system. It helps in determining the eligibility of travelers looking to enter the United States without applying for a visa.

The VWP and ESTA Analysis

This flagship program of Visa Waving enables the travelers to travel to the US for business or tourists purposes and can have a stay for up to 90 days or less in the country devoid of any visa requirements. But you can avail this golden opportunity, if you satisfy the following requirements.

*You must be the national of 38 countries which come under the VWP

* You must travel for the purpose of business or tourism

*You must have your stay for the period of 90 days or less

* You should not hold a valid US visitor visa

*You must travel on an approved career and carry a return trip ticket to any foreign country

However, certain changes implemented back in 2016 called for not allowing certain groups of people to have such opportunity in their hand. And the visitors who are affected by those include,

*Citizens belong to the counties like Iraq, Iran, Syria or Sudan.

*Except from military personnel and diplomats, citizens who have been in countries like Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya or Yemen since 2011 are not eligible for the visa waiver program.

Now, as ESTA is an essential component of the Visa Waiver Program, your eligibility must filter through this process. It checks if you are eligible for VWP or not. However, before planning your trip, you need to register on the online portal of ESTA. You will be eligible to travel under VWP once you have got an authorization through ESTA. This authorization could be valid for the next 2 years. Upon determining the eligibility, it passes through several checkpoints including the checking the past criminal records and positive replies to the queries during the process ESTA application process.

Once your submitted documents satisfy the criteria of ESTA, the response for the next approval process will get in seconds. Here, what you need to do is, furnish the accurate documents and check the ESTA status. If you are denied with the ESTA authorization, you could get to know the potential reasons and retry again in future.

Now, it is axiomatic to obtain a valid ESTA for everybody including children and adults. Generally, it would be convenient to apply for group application on the official website for time-saving purposes. But there will be one contact person who would pay the fees. Besides this, the ESTA application for children under the age of 18 is the same as adults which are to be submitted by parents or third party only. The fee and the validity of ESTA authorization remain the same here as well.

As we are moving ahead with the process of making the cross country travel easier, Visa Waiver Program(VWP) has come as the added benefit on the part of people who apply for USA ESTA. However, while on the process of becoming a beneficiary, you might be duped with wrong information and render you with nothing. Here, it is advisable to contact the US govt. to avoid any problems. Now get your visa waiver today and make a tour of this very land.  

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