kids pass for travel


Who in the world can travel the world without having a passport? The Queen of England. She doesn’t have to bother going to get passport photos and make an application – after all, she’s arguably the most famous woman in the world, even if she does have a sizeable amount of imitators. All UK passports are issued in Queen Elizabeth II’s name, and she’s alone among her extensive royal family in not needing one. Something else the ceremonial head of state doesn’t have to have: a driving licence, or even an official number plate on any of her many vehicles. That’s a right royal privilege.


Sometimes our dog – appropriately called Mutt – really does drive me to despair. The bloody thing has not only gotten into the cupboard where I keep all our important documents, and eaten our bank books as well as tearing our passports to shreds. What gets into these creatures?? I don’t mind the bank books so much, as I’m just off the phone to the bank and they’re sending out new ones, but we’re about to go on a rare holiday – rare because we haven’t been on one in 14 years. So here we go all over again: new passport photos and making an application. I’m just thinking about that beach. As for Mutt, he’s definitely in the dog house.

If this is a question you have entered into an internet search engine, there’s a good chance you’ve just realised your child’s passport is out of date and you have a holiday coming up in the next few days.

The bad news is, you can’t do a 24-hour renewal application (known as a ‘Premium Service’) for a child or baby like you could for an adult. It normally takes up to three weeks to apply for a child’s passport or to renew one. You can, however, use the one-week ‘Fast Track Service’ by making an appointment at a passport office (these are situated in London, Peterborough, Liverpool, Durham, Newport, Glasgow and Belfast).

You will have to take your child’s passport photo and application form, plus all supporting documentation, with you. Getting a child or baby’s passport photo at short notice can be tricky – it’s important to follow the government’s exact requirements, so get them done by reputable passport photographer.

You will then have to wait up to an agonising week for the passport office to post the passports to you. The rules are there to protect children from being taken abroad in situations involving parents in dispute, but that’s probably of little comfort to you when you are staring at your flight tickets wondering if the passport will arrive in time…

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