Bangalore – Experience The City In The Most Extravagant Manner


There are many ways and fashion you can have a memorable experience in this city which offers numerous things to do and places to visit for any visitor. This article talks about a visit to Bangalore on a budget is also possible but the best way to experience it is in the most extravagant manner.

Bangalore sets the benchmark for what a modern city should be like. It is the main IT hub of India and the most advanced of all the cities in India. With the population of students and working professionals ever rising in this small city, Bangalore is now a mix bag of people from all backgrounds, traditions and race. The priced city of the Kannada people has now been totally taken over by the outsiders who have now adapted it into their home. The city is now officially called “Bengaluru” but it is still commonly and widely known as Bangalore. Bangalore is the city  tech geeks venture to, to land their dream job.

As its reputation precedes itself, Bangalore does not disappoint any traveller venturing to this side of India. From extravagant to simple lifestyles, Bangalore has something in store for every traveller. You could be travelling on a tight budget but you will still get to explore and experience the city beautifully. You will find budget friendly eatery outlets and hotels where you can eat a fill of a whole south indian thali for as low as 32 rupees and later stay in one of the most basic accommodations in one of the budget friendly hotels in Bangalore. Your only concern for this type of holiday should be the transportation because though the place is small and distances travelled from one locality to the next is much cheaper compared to other major cities, it is very expensive in Bangalore. Bus fares is also very expensive even for short distances.


But, the best way to experience Bangalore is to go big or go home. Yes! If you come loaded with cash to this place and you know where to spend those cash than the city of Bangalore will blow your socks off. Book a fancy room in some of the best luxurious hotels in Bangalore where you can get a view of the city skyline from the living room of your suite or the balcony of your room. Hire a luxurious car which you can specifically call for with a chauffeur to take you around the city. The class of cars start from BMW and goes all the way up to the grand Rolls Royce. Hiring the Rolls Royce will cost you whooping amount of 50,000 rupees per day, which is unnecessary unless you are getting married. A mercedes, BMW or Audi is good enough. The city has some of the best fine dining restaurants with cuisines from all over the world and giving the diners an option to choose from their wide range of well aged wine. Some big alcohol shops allows its customers to taste wine from the barrel before they choose to buy it. Hit some of the best nightclubs by nightfall and experience Bangalore’s night clubs. A glass of expensive well aged scotch here may cost as much as what a decent bottle of scotch will cost you outside but the experience and the classy decor will take you to a whole different place.

After this experience if you further want to continue your party streak, hop on into one of the Bangalore to Goa flights and head over to the beach party capital of India for the time of your life!

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