7 Smart Tips to Remember When Doing a Hotel Booking While Traveling


When trying to do a hotel booking while traveling, one of the things that you want to accomplish is to get the best hotel room in a reasonable price. Although there’s no single method or tool to get this job done, there are however several ways on how to sniff out the best hotel room rates.

Remember these tips and apply them when trying to get the best hotel room without breaking your wallet.

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Tip 1: Call the hotel directly. When booking a room, call the specific hotel and not their general customer service phone. Find out the business hours of the hotel and speak directly to the hotel’s manager if you can’t get a chance to avail a good rate from their front desk personnel. Sometimes, you can get a free breakfast for all of you, a free Wi-Fi access, or an extended stay at the hotel.

Tip 2: Consider a hotel that don’t appear in major search sites. Some smaller hotels with good services don’t want to pay commissions to major search sites, and therefore belongs to the lower ranks of hotel search hierarchy, said CEO of www.snappms.com .You can use other websites or apps like TripAdvisor to look for smaller hotels with impressive amenities and services.

Tip 3: Ask for the total cost before booking. There are hotels that don’t include pool feel or payment for additional linens and pillows in their online quote. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, make sure that the hotel includes all fees to everything that you’ll use during your stay at the hotel.

Tip 4: Check out local tourist offices. In most cases, tourism offices are more than happy to help you find a good hotel room at your budget’s range. Call the place’s tourist office and ask for a list of every hotel in the area and the rates that these hotels offer. Tourism officers will do their best to help you find a good place to stay since any inconvenience their guests complain will have an effect to their reputation.

Tip 5: Make use of coupons and discounts. Today, one of the best ways to minimize expenses when doing a hotel booking while traveling is by utilizing the coupons and promos that many hotels offer. This is especially true in times of the year when most of the hotel rooms are empty. Browse through the hotels’ website or leaf through a travel magazine and look for those coupons.

Tip 6: Use your travel rewards points. Some bank companies, airline companies, or credit card companies usually affiliate with hotel chains to provide their loyal customers the opportunity to make use of their travel rewards points. Ask your credit card company if they are affiliated with the hotel that you’re planning to book your stay.

Tip 7: Opt for a package. If you’re planning to visit one destination, look for a travel package that includes your hotel, car rental, and airfare. In doing so, you’ll pay everything in one bundle which may be cheaper when you’ll buy each of these components separately.

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