5 Things Not To Miss In Auckland


One of the top traditions in New Zealand is taking a campervan hire out on the road and enjoying the nature and towns of this wonderful country. And when it comes to the urban side of New Zealand, Auckland is definitely a must for any traveler. This modern and aesthetically pleasing city is known to be a young, hip, and laid back town with lots of great food and nightlife options, not to mention a wide range of activities on offer. There is so much to do in Auckland that it may seem overwhelming when planning your trip, so check out the five activities below and keep them in mind for your Auckland agenda.

Auckland Sky Tower

If you really want one of the most stunning views you will ever see, then get yourself to the top of the Sky Tower located in the city centre. From here you will be treated to a sweeping panorama of the entire city and the surrounding area that you won’t soon forget. The Sky Tower is a great way to get the full picture on just how visually stunning and well planned this city truly is. Many visitors make this their very first stop, which makes sense since you can see the city from above before delving into the many attractions in the streets below.

For those seeking thrills, you can even take a jump from the Sky Tower. Bungee jumps are a main feature of a trip to the Tower, so get your blood pumping and take a dive out over the city that you won’t soon forget. 

Waitemata Harbour

If you want the best view of the skyline then get yourself onto a ferry in the Waitemata Harbour. From the boat you will feel as if you are in the middle of one of the most stunning skylines in the Southern Hemisphere. This is a particularly pretty sight at night, so take a ride as the sun sets and see the lights turn on in the skyscrapers one by one. Auckland is often overlooked when it comes to its skyline, but all you will have to do is take one look to see that this rapidly developing metropolis has one of the most visually stunning skylines of any modern city.

Cornwall Park

You won’t find a more beautiful or unique city park than Cornwall Park. This lush urban oasis allows residents and visitors the opportunity to take a rest from the hustle and bustle, to enjoy the perfectly manicured grounds, and soak in the nice weather. One absolute must when visiting Cornwall park is One Tree Hill where you can check out what many claim to be the “Spirit of Auckland” where a lone obelisk rests on top of the hill and where sheep are allowed to graze in the open. You can easily spend a whole day in Cornwall Park, so make sure to set aside enough time to truly enjoy it.

Waiheke Island

Located amongst the historic Hauraki Guld islands, Waiheke Island is a bustling and gorgeous island just off the coast outside Auckland that offers the best of both the urban and natural worlds. First off, there is an abundance of restaurants and nightlife on the island that will keep you busy in the nighttime hours. This is not to mention the shopping, with some incredibly funky boutiques on offer. And then there is all the hiking trails through the forests and along the miles of unspoiled coastline to satisfy your nature cravings, making Waiheke a must-do day and night out for any traveler. It only takes around half an hour to reach the island by ferry, so you can leave your campervan hire on shore and set off to Waiheke right from city centre.

Kelly Tarlton’s Sea Life Aquarium

Easily on of Auckland’s top attractions, this massive aquarium allows you the opportunity to immerse yourself in some seriously great underwater visuals and sea life. The aquarium is made up of dozens of large tanks with tunnels leading through them. This allows you the feel of actually walking on the ocean bottom where you will be surrounded by colorful deep sea fish on all sides. Everything from beautiful and rare schools of fish to sting rays will have you mesmerized as you make your way through the tunnels, and of course the shark tank will provide a thrill as dozens of killer sharks swim just inches from you through the glass. Keep in mind that there aren’t only fish on display here. Check out the penguin tank while you’re here and be amazed at these beautiful and benevolent creatures.

Auckland truly does have a lot to offer, and these five top destinations only begin to scratch the surface. No trip through New Zealand is complete without a stop in the nation’s largest metropolis, so make sure your campervan hire makes its way to Auckland on your journeys.

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