Youth in Miami: Basic Tips for Young Drivers


Planning a trip to the United States involves more than just packing luggage and booking air tickets. Rent a car and driving it in a new city can be quite difficult, especially for foreign tourists and those who arrived in Miami for the first time.

Here’s what you need to know if you decide to travel on a rented car in Miami.

Rules of road traffic and behavior on the road:

  • Florida’s law obliges drivers immediately give way to service cars, or reduce the speed to 20 miles per hour;
  • always take with you your driver’s license, documents confirming insurance or car rental;
  • remember the speed limits: 15 mph in school areas, 30 mph in business or residential areas and 55 mph on most expressways, if there are no road signs;
  • all passengers must be fastened with seat belts;
  • children under the age of 5 years must be transported in car seats;
  • it is forbidden to write a message on mobile devices while driving;
  • In case of rain or fog, car headlights should be turned on as well as windshield wipers.

Major Miami highways

You must have heard that roads to Miami are ideal, so traveling here is a real pleasure!

Besides, there are toll roads: Florida’s Turnpike, Dolphin Expressway (836) and Airport Expressway (road 112). Drivers should pay for travel on roads through the “SunPass” system.

Note that the Palmetto (826) motorway is free of charge.

During rush hours from 7-9 am and 4-6 pm on weekdays, vehicles carrying more than two people, including the driver, can move along lines marked “HOV” (“high-occupancy vehicles”).

Parking in Miami

Miami is a huge metropolis, so be prepared to pay for parking in most parts of the city. The prices vary depending on the area and the duration of the car parking.

Paid public parking is available in the city center, in Coconut Grove, Florida, Little Havana, Winwood and Design District. The easiest way to pay for parking in these areas is to download a special “Pay” application to your phone.

Since at high tourist season and the hour-peak parking places are always small, we recommend using the ParkMe-Miami Beach application, which will show you all available parking places.

Choosing a car

To make your trip as comfortable as possible and leave only pleasant memories, first of all it is necessary to choose the suitable mode of transport. Miami International Airport opens thousands of roads, and the most convenient way to get to the place you need is to apply to car rental. There are several options for renting: in advance on the company’s website or at the airport from the representatives of various companies.

The average rental car in Miami per day is from 70-80 USD. The cheapest way to youth is to hire small cars, which are also called bantam cars (from 30 USD per day). Take into account that if you are under 25 years old, hiring a car can be rather complicated. Rental companies can ask you to pay additional sum of money, while they are afraid of possible negative situations and accidents. Therefore, youth is included into Young Drivers category. In this situation, cheap car rental Miami under 25 offers their services. Below there are some car models that include in their price basic kinds of insurance and unlimited mileage: Toyota Yaris (50 €), Chevrolet Spark (51.27 €), Toyota Corolla (54.68 €) and Hyundai Accent (52.18 €).

Remember this, and good luck to you. As they say – neither a nail, nor a staff!

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