Why You Should Consider Travel Coverage for Your Gadgets


There is no question that people like their gadgets, especially mobile phones, because it seems like they are always using them. No matter where you go, people are looking at their phones while walking down the street or sitting in a café. However, travelling can be hard on your electronic devices because they can get lost. They may be stolen or get sand in them while you’re at the beach. Fortunately, you may be able to get your devices covered by insurance when you’re on holiday.

Device Insurance

While some of your devices may be under warranty, they may not be covered for accidents or damage to them, whether you’re at home or travelling. Most warranties do not cover mishaps, especially when there is sand or water in your phone or tablet because you dropped it on the beach. Fortunately, you can purchase insurance to cover mishaps when you’re travelling.

Anything could happen to your devices when you’re travelling, and it can be costly to get them repaired or replaced if you are in another country. Fortunately, you can purchase additional coverage for your devices when you get a travel insurance policy for yourself. Most policies cover up to seven devices, which include:

  • Smartphones
  • iPhones
  • Tablet PCs
  • Digital Cameras
  • MP3 Players
  • E-readers
  • Laptops

This optional insurance coverage may be purchased when you buy a single trip or annual travel insurance policy.

Gadget travel insurance

What Is Covered?

Whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, your gadgets can be lost, stolen, or damaged during an accident or when you are carrying them with you. Although your devices may be under a warranty, that usually only covers damage due to normal wear and tear or if there are problems with it due to the manufacturing process.

Gadget travel insurance reimburses you for repairs on your device or for replacing it if it is:

  • Accidentally damaged
  • Stolen on your trip
  • Damaged by liquid
  • Used without authorisation

Although most travel insurance policies cover stolen or lost personal items, they will not cover your gadgets if they are damaged, if they break down, or if they are used without your permission. Not all policies provide the same coverage, so you should carefully read any policy you are considering adding to your basic travel insurance policy.

Coverage Costs

Along with varying coverage, insurance for your devices will also vary in cost. Some companies will offer different levels of coverage, and the price of the coverage will depend on the level you choose. The charge for the policy may be calculated on a daily basis, or you may buy a policy for a set number of days, such as a seven-day policy.

If you know your holiday will take longer than seven days, then you may wish to buy a policy in which the coverage is charged on a daily basis and pay for the number of days you know you will be travelling. You should consider a travel policy for any devices you take with you when you travel, whether on business or for pleasure.

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