Why you need to consider yacht charter in Croatia


There are few things in this world so exciting as going some place new, regardless as to where that somewhere may be, but then there is absolutely nothing like taking to the seas on a catamaran in Croatia. In fact, when you consider the perfect climate, the stunning coastal scenery and the unique experience of being at sea, it’s easy to see why Croatia yacht charter has become one of the most popular ways to travel in Europe.

Here are 5 reasons you should be considering a yacht charter in Croatia:

  1. Sailing in Croatia is the epitome of relaxation

Finding itself next to the Adriatic sea in central and southeast Europe, Croatia is simply the most enticing and then also one of the most affordable places to charter a yacht in Europe. Turquoise blue ocean next to white powdered sands, many visitors arrive to this part of the world in search of relaxation and they always find it but we are not just talking about on land here because the ocean is likely the most relaxing, quiet, peaceful and paradise-like place you could ever find yourself.

  1. Historical attractions and iconic landmarks

Yes, Dubrovnik, Split, Zadar and Trogir; there is no end to the number of historical cities and iconic sites that you can encounter along this spectacular coastline, whether it be the medieval walls of Dubrovnik, Diocletian’s Palace in Split, the city gates of Zadar or Kamerlengo Fortress in Trogir. There is so much to see along the coastline and when you decide to travel by yacht charter Croatia as opposed to another means, you also have the freedom to come and go at your own leisure.


  1. You can always expect luxury when it comes to boat rental Croatia

Forget the substandard hotels, disappointing service and underwhelming locations; when you rent a boat in Croatia with Skipper City you are always guaranteed the highest quality in terms of interior, mechanics and support. For many people, catamaran charter may be a new experience but this is especially what makes a yacht charter such an enjoyable way to see Croatia – it always delivers the same high quality experience.

  1. Yacht charter in Croatia is affordable

Arguably the best part about Croatia yacht charter today is that it is now a lot more affordable than you might imagine. There was a time when yacht charter was associated with high rollers, millionaire and the upper class but now just about anybody can afford the price of boat rental in Croatia. With many types of boat available, it’s usually just a case of choosing which type of vessel you prefer and then a matter of getting those flights booked to make your way down there.

  1. Embrace the surroundings and let go of time

Being at sea is often a time when many people will vow never to take any other type of vacation again but regardless, it is always a time in which the traveler can leave the stress of a modern world behind and let go of time altogether. In what has become an increasingly busy and chaotic world, yacht charter Croatia is the ideal way to step away from all the madness, to embrace your surroundings and let go of time completely – something which absolutely no other transport could ever allow you to do.


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