What Do You Need To Wear When Visiting China


China is a very ancient and popular country that is popularly known for its rich cultural significance, history and captivating historical sites. When talking about the culture, Chinese wear a specific type of dress code at specific events.

Chinese people very much attention to their dressing. They relate dressing to the etiquette, esteem, dignity and respect. If you are visiting this country, you need to know about their dress code.

In this article, we will tell you about the patterns of clothes that Chinese wear.

For a welcome celebration on the cruise ship

China trip provides an opportunity to view several places that hold geographic, cultural and historical importance. If you are going to attend a party on the cruise ship, then a formal dress will be the best choice.

Some of the other occasions where you can wear formals are wedding, church, holiday celebration, office, business and other similar events.  As a casual wear, you can wear a formal shirt, trousers, tie.

Wear red color clothes during festivities

Red is the color of love, celebration, passion and commitment. Also, Chinese are fond of the red color. Along with weddings, these people wear a red color dress during rituals, ceremonies and traditional festivals. Talking about the people attending the celebration, a middle aged woman wears a long skirt or cheong-sam.

Men are mostly seen to wear a suit. You would never see a girl wearing short skirts or short clothes. They always wear clothes that hide their body. Besides red color, people are also seen in vibrant and bright colored clothes that match to the excitement of the celebration.

As per the famous proverb, ‘ When in Rome, do as Romans do.’, if you are planning to attend a Spring Festival or a wedding in China, make sure you dress in red colored or vibrant clothes.

When visiting a Chinese family

Chinese people are not strict about the attire of their guests. It is still important to wear clothes that cover your body well. As clothes are a means to exhibit etiquettes, they would like plain and formal clothes over weird or revealing clothes. You should also wear formal attire when preparing to attend any formal concerts, operas, or banquet or to watch Tang Dynasty dance and music show.

Chinese are very particular about clothes, at some times you will have good social intercourse due to appropriate clothing. China travel agency makes all the required travel, dress, stay, food, site seeing, etc. related arrangements for you. This gives you a sense of peace of mind so you can enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Every country has their specific way of dressing.  Dress code holds significance and specialty for every country. This makes them different from others and also depicts their culture.  So if you are visiting this country then dress like them. I am sure this will make your journey all the more interesting, exciting and special.

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