Travelling to Southern Italy? Pay Attention to these advice and tips


The following tips and advice will do more favor for a visitor travelling to any part of the south of Italy:


  • Please ensure to make out time to spend a few days outside the major cities as the fun and real Italy is in the small towns of the south.
  • This is a very serious one here: Tipping in any form is not required and could be frowned at. The workers/staff here get paid as high as entry level engineers are. Tipping people you personally know is taken as an offense and in truth, their attitude toward tipping is that you can’t buy a person off, so be mindful if you decide to tip. Ego play here!
  • Dates are shown as day-month-year, always and Times are indicated in 24-hr format.
  • You should push to go into a place, and pull to get out; just exactly the reverse as obtained in America or elsewhere!
  • You shouldn’t dare to walk in a church with a sleeveless top or with shorts on. You simply have to be properly dressed to visit its holy places.
  • Always bring cash with you as it seems to be more preferred than credit card payments!
  • Public phones don’t exist hence you have to carry a cell phone for anything you need i.e. from calling the hotel to reserving a restaurant. Etc., and if using an Italian cell phone, note that all incoming calls are virtually free.
  • Shops around here close for lunch between 12:30pm and 3 or 4pm and every other thing (shopping) shuts down around 7:30pm, except in certain cases.
  • Major Banks are only open in the morning and for one hour in the afternoon. So you need to bank in the morning!
  • You should put on plastic gloves to pick up food in the produce section of the grocery store or aged sensitive ladies will yell at you.
  • Italian hotels include breakfast in the room price so don’t miss the opportunity to get out of your hotel room by 9am on a workday and order a cappuccino with a cornetto, preferably with custard, and eat it standing with all the rest of the visitors around.
  • These folks don’t put ice in their drinks so don’t expect to get it served but if you must, ask for it, realize they’ll look at you as if you were a little green man; though they will oblige but sparingly.
  • You can’t order food “to go” as is obtained in the U.K or America, except maybe like pizza. If you dare to go into a restaurant and order a food pack to go, people will look at you as if you were again that little green man (alien).
  • Never pour wine (or water) back-handed as it is seen as an offense to the person you’re serving.
  • Salad is considered a side dish, not a starter, hence no meal in this region ever starts with a salad.
  • Tap water is never served, and despite the fact that it’s now as safe as in the US, people keep on drinking bottled water and restaurants only serve bottled water.
  • And most of the folks here speak some English, but many will be embarrassed to try.

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