Things to Do When You Visit Los Angeles


Los Angeles is known as the global capital of the entertainment industry. The city was founded in 1781 by the Spanish government and was a part of Mexico until 1848, when California was ceded to the United States. Because of its rich history, there isn’t one ethnicity of people that makes up most the population. Instead, Los Angeles is a melding pot of different people. Many things about Los Angeles attract visitors to the city, such as the film industry, world-class art collections, major concert halls, and over two hundred museums. Beyond these things, there is much more that calls people to the city.

How to Spend Your Days

Los Angeles experiences sunny days nearly three hundred days out of the year. The average temperature hovers around seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit with gentle ocean breezes. Along with this perfect weather, there are many places that you can travel through Los Angeles. Choosing to rent an RV in Los Angeles will give you the freedom to see all the city that you can as well as the surrounding areas.

Some of the best scenic drives while you are visiting Los Angeles include Palos Verdes Drive around the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Malibu Canyon to the Pacific Coast Highway, Angeles Crest Highway to Mount Wilson, and the famous Mulholland Drive.

As well as all the driving that you can do around Los Angeles, you can also check out one of the theme parks that are perfect for families, or take a picture of the Hollywood sign. You can also take a walk to Hollywood Boulevard and look at all the celebrity handprints and footprints. Another option is to window shop at all the expensive stores on Rodeo Drive.

How to Spend Your Nights

There are many things you can do in the evenings and nights that you are spending in Los Angeles. There are places to party all over town where you can hear live music, see DJ’s spinning tunes, and maybe even spot a celebrity. If you aren’t interested in going somewhere to drink and listen to loud music, you can also go to a comedy club, or even check out Griffith Observatory to see the sun set and take in the city lights. A final option is just to take a walk downtown and take in all the sights you can see.

Aside from all the fantastic nightlife you can check out, there is also a multitude of hotels that cater to every budget. If a hotel isn’t quite what you are looking for, you can also stay at one of the many campgrounds that are available.

If you make the decision to take a trip to Los Angeles, you are going to feel many different emotions at different times during your journey, but the one thing you are never going to be is disappointed that you decided to go and check out everything that makes Los Angeles a city known worldwide.


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