The Best Way to Visit Khasab


When you’re trying to figure out where to go on holiday and what to do, you should think about going to the United Arab Emirates. Specifically, you should think about visiting Khasab. Due to its liberal policies, its incredibly craggy fjords and its great wealth, Khasab is often called the “Norway of Arabia.” Many people find that they have incredibly fun holidays when they go to Khasab. Here is a little bit about Khasab and the best way to visit:


Khasab is one of the oldest cities in UAE, and also one of the most interesting. It was built by Portuguese invaders in the early 1600s, during the height of their naval power. The site was chosen because it has a natural harbour that serves as shelter from the otherwise rough sea, allowing ships to refuel and resupply while moving through the area. Interestingly, Khasab was specifically chosen as a fort not because of its high ground, but because it is low and close to the sea. As such, the city itself is protected by a series of dams that hold the water back.

The Best Way to Visit

The best way to experience UAE and Khasab is to visit by a dhow. The word ‘dhow’ encompasses an entire category of vessels, and generally refers to a sailing ship that has one or more masts and lateen sails. While there is considerable debate about who actually invented the dhow, Indians or Arabs, dhows are used around the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean.

They have long hulls that were originally used for carrying heavy items. Their long hulls allow them to transport heavy items such as water and fruit. They were, and still are, trading vessels that supplied many of the coastal regions of the Arab states in the Persian Gulf. Recently, they have also been used as vessels for holiday.

A Khasab dhow cruise is an incredibly fun way to experience Khasab. You will be able to travel around on the types of vessels that were once used to supply goods all over the Persian Gulf when Khasab was built in the early 1600s.

Unlike the dhows of the 1600s, though, these vessels will have all of the modern amenities. They’re outfitted with the kinds of things you would look for when it comes to a grand holiday. They have tour guides who will be able to guide the ship to different natural and manmade landmarks of interest. From them, you can watch dolphins swimming in the water. Many of them will actually drop anchor a few times throughout the cruise, too, so that you can enjoy the surrounding landmarks and experience the teeming wildlife.

The cruises will take you through the incredible fjords that give Khasab its name. If you’re thinking about visiting Khasab, you will do well to book a dhow tour while you’re making plans. They’re great, relaxing ways to experience the sea—not to mention a great taste of regional history.

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