South African, the supreme getaway spot


If you were given one free holiday trip anywhere on the globe, what would be your choice?

South Africa would certainly be a pretty good selection, considering that I have composed a whole lot on the subject of unique holiday spots, adventures, and once in a life time locations for numerous publications and blogs for great many years.

I have actually had the great fortune to see several of the most fascinating spots on the planet, from Machu Picchu and Easter Island, to scuba dive the Great Australian Barrier Reef, to eat at some of the most elegant restaurants in the world and to summit the incredible beautiful Kilimanjaro Mountain. The more places I visit, the more I recognize just how difficult it is to top a vacation in the Republic of South Africa.


Wildlife Expedition

The thing is this, African wildlife expeditions and safaris are truly remarkable. I really think its mind-boggling fun for any first time visitor, and they normally are enjoyed by pretty much every person that visit them — and that include those people who really thought they will not ever enjoy a safari. Old or young, lazy or extremely active, metropolitan or rural, single or a couple, it matters not, an African safari is enjoyed by everyone.

The main reason why lots of people decide to go on vacation on the African continent has to be the safari, but unlike other African countries South Africa offers its visitors so much more to see and compare to just a simple safari. Actually some people visit South African without even stepping into any game reserve while they are on holiday.

In South Africa you truly can have all of it and with its advantageous currency exchange rate vs European and North American exchange rates you will find the cost of living very agreeable to your pocket. This is particularly true when it comes to the purchasing of food, alcoholic beverages and just normal everyday shopping.

African Safari

I have actually been on many safaris in Tanzania and Kenya and had an amazing time due to the fact that there are so many wild animals in such close quarters, in several ways just as good as in South Africa. To better explain myself – allow me be frank: The cities of Dar Es Salaam and Nairobi is awesome if you want to visit a game reserve but not if you want to do something else. With South Africa you can visit museums, lie on beautiful beaches, climb mountains and eat out at some of the best restaurants in the world and they are all in driving distance.

While the quality of wild animals might be equalled in various other African hotspots, the quality of the encounter is not: Across the board, South Africa has far and away the best pick when it comes to luxury safari lodges — by a substantial margin if you ask me.

But let us forget about all the rhinos and lions for a moment. Cape Town is a remarkable city, definitely worth a visit. It is set against the background of the renowned Table Mountain, which I believe is worth the walk.

Waterfront and Food

The super modern waterfront is a terrific spot to check out. You are able to walk, consume wonderful African food, do shopping, and visit many beautiful beaches, in fact the layout of the Cape Town area made me think of Sydney, Australia.

All visitors should take a day to check out the Cape Peninsula, where you are able view one of just 2 land based penguin nests-colonies on this planet, a very interesting tourist attraction that shockingly only a couple of American visitors know about before visiting.

South Africa offer so much more, for instance you can visit the famous wine route also known as the Garden route. This drive is considered among the best drives in the world for its wine and scenic beauty. If you are a bit adventurous you can also take the opportunity to book yourself a place on one of the great white shark cage diving boats or maybe just for a scuba diving lesson if you are not sure.

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