Embark on an American Adventure


You’ve worked hard to earn the lifestyle you have, but what good is a luxury lifestyle if you can never enjoy it? Before you do anything else, set some time aside for a luxury ski adventure. Rather than spending more money on things you already have, it’s time to embark on a once in a lifetime adventure. Instead of thinking about a Caribbean beach visit, consider enjoying a ski trip at some of the most gorgeous ski resorts on the planet. You may be thinking about the Swiss Alps, but instead, it may be time to think about the Colorado Rockies. Considered a largely under-appreciated place for luxury skiing, the United States quiet sits atop the proverbial throne of top-tier skiing sights. Still unsure as to where you should visit first? Don’t worry. Here are just a few of the most desirable resorts in the United States.

Take a Trip to Aspen

Aspen, Colorado is one of the most attractive ski destinations in the entire world let alone the United States. Tucked away on the snowy ice capped Colorado Rockies, it is a picturesque, must-see destination. One of the best ways to visit Aspen is via a short road trip from Denver, Colorado. Unlike some resorts which are a ways away from the snowy hills, Aspen is tucked right in the midst of all the glorious ski routes. With a maximum elevation of 4000 meters, Aspen offers incredible steep slopes and white powder snow that will take your breath away.

Another great thing about Aspen is its luxurious atmosphere. Aspen as a community is designed with sophistication and style in mind. You’ll not only enjoy a welcoming, warm environment, but you can enjoy world-class service experience like no other. In addition to visiting Aspen, you can also enjoy the gorgeous sights of nearby Vail, Colorado, a similarly luxurious ski locale.

Find Adventure at Beaver Creek

Don’t let the silly name fool you—Beaver Creek is as incredible as it gets for a luxury ski experience. Unlike other locations that are completely built around skiing, Beaver Creek provides an experience non-skiers and skiers alike can enjoy. The town itself is constructed with state-of-the-art technology to allow for constant comfort and warmth even in freezing temperatures. When you want to board the ski lifts or settle down after hitting the slopes, you can easily navigate throughout the resort without any trouble.

Lighted walkways, heated pathways, and gorgeous lighting will ensure you can always navigate quickly and comfortably. For the non-skiers, there are a diverse number of alternative activities to partake in without having to strap on a pair of skis. Beaver Creek features a classically designed skating rink, and it also features luxury shopping centres. You can also enjoy luxurious dinners at restaurants like Spago, and you can even brush up on your ski skills at the Beaver Creek Ski & Snowboard School.

While the booking experience can be overwhelming, sit back, relax, and let a service like Oxford Ski Luxury Ski Chalets book your entire trip for you.

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