East Asia Is the Best Place to Go Golfing


Golfing is the quintessential European sport. It is thought of as one of the oldest sports in the world, and one that Europe definitely contributed. No one is quite certain, specifically, where golf was invented, but it definitely contributed to by Europe. It is generally thought that ancient Romans played a similar game with a leather ball, but that game only appears in the historical record while the Romans are on the island of Great Britain, so it is likely they learned it from the Celts, or the Britons. Either way, the landscape of Great Britain was the first type of landscape for which the game was invented. However, recent research has found that ancient Chinese dynasties also had a similar game, that involved hitting a small leather ball. Researchers are not sure where the game originated or its relation to modern day golf, but it is undeniable that east Asia has always had great climates for golf.

Climate for Golf

The proper climate for golf changes depending on the style of course. A links course is the most traditional style of course, it is an undulating course with very few drastic changes. It is often placed beside a body of water. The links course is the most traditional course because it requires the least amount of work for someone to build. If a golf course designer could find a stretch of undulating hillside in Great Britain, they could very easily turn it into a golf course. In fact, many early golfers simply played by digging a hole in the ground, and not changing anything. East Asia is also a perfect place to recreate the types of golf that were played by the ancient Chinese, as well as the ancient Romans. Links courses are unique, a part of history. If you want to play the original game, you can’t do better than east Asia. Vietnam golf tours offer a thoroughly different style of gameplay for you to enjoy.

A Different Game

A links course is a gently undulating course beside a body of water. The courses that are available in Vietnam utilise the environment to create truly unique experiences. Vietnam is a tropical, and subtropical, climate that is very warm and very humid. So, grass grows very quickly. The ground is often softer than ground on other courses, making gameplay slightly slower. You will have far more options for how you would like to play, though. Since there is no shortage of weather conducive to growing a healthy golf course, you can play on many different types of courses all year round. Furthermore, there are hazards that you might not find anywhere else.

In the 21st century, golfing magazines have finally begun to notice the incredible golfing opportunities in Southeast Asia. Routinely, the PGA Tour makes stop in Southeast Asia, and Vietnamese golf courses are frequently rated among the world’s best. If you want to go golfing in one of the most exciting new golf areas, go to Vietnam.

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