Drink Pure Water: New Generation Of Water Filters

Pure drinking water

Water is very important in world for everything like human, animals, and plantation, suppose everything. No life Possible in the world without water. But pure water is biggest problem in world.  Around 75% of the total population has no access of pure drinking water. When you go for travel you also need pure water, Because you don’t know about their water so always use the pure water or filter water everywhere and every time its goods for your health. Now in the world everybody well aware of pure water or filter water benefits.

Pure drinking water

A new generation of water filters, developed by the ETH Zurich, is now launching in India. The sub-continent is facing a giant water crisis at the moment, where hundreds of millions of people cannot access clean drinking water.

With the filter called Drink Pure, it is now possible to provide people even in remote areas a simple and efficient device, which can be used by them without energy or chemicals. It just has to be screwed on a common PET-bottle.

Inside the filter there is a nano-sized membrane, which holds back not only dirt and bacteria, but is also very robust. Exceptional is, that the filter can be even washed back and therefore used for many years.

The developers hope to provide a possible solution so what is maybe India’s biggest challenge at the moment and put an end to the many unnecessary deaths, which occur every day, especially in the rural areas of India caused by contaminated water.

A crowd funding campaign is currently taking place in order to supply the filter to kids in public schools with inadequate drinking water supply: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/drinkpure-clean-water-for-india

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