Best Landscape Architectures Of Today: Around the World


Landscape architectures in different places are starting to transcend from traditional designs into its modern designs. Experts say that this architectural trend will continue in the years to come. The architectural art of these landscapes continues to level up regarding its complexity, creativity, and sustainability.

If you’re gathering ideas for your landscape, here are some beautiful and creative architectural aspects all around the world that you can get some inspirations from.

California Academy of Sciences Building

This research institute and natural history museum having over 22 million specimens are one of the most prominent museums of natural history around the world. Aside from what it has to offer in the field of science, its landscape is well known for its sustainable architectural design, which is designed by Renzo Piano. Tall trees, shrubs, grass, and other greenery beautifully surrounds the building, but the highlight of this landscape is its green roof which promotes the dedication of the institute to reduce carbon footprint, preserving natural resources, and energy efficiency. It has circular holes on top which enables light to enter and the plants below absorbing and converting it where it serves as the plant’s source of light.

Qinhuangdao Beach

This 60 hectare of land on the north side of China before was in bad shape and was already eroding and decaying. Initially, the primary purpose of this architectural landscape project is to restore its beauty. It then becomes a go-to place for locals and at the same time an attraction for tourists. The restoration features a 9-dotted isle lake which adds to the creativity of the design and at the same time serves as a resting and nesting place for birds. A rip-rap with a boardwalk was created replacing the flat and barren concrete embankment giving the area an extra glow up. The project also promotes animal and nature preservation by including the restoration of a wetland which can be the future habitat of different species of wetland plant and animals.

Bridle Road Residence

Placing this home on a table mountain in Cape Town, South Africa is perfect because a diversity of plants and trees are surrounding it and it also overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The architectural design aims to create an ecological landscape by preserving the native trees and shrubs of the place. The center of the art is the garden of Fynbos, a native shrub in Cape Town which is threatened to be extinct by fire and by introducing plants from other places. The landscape focuses on the privacy of the residents by preserving the trees along the three sides of the site.  It also has a swimming pool and a natural pool with self-cleaning plants that overflows through a window of the house which covers the bathroom inside.

Highline Park

Through the petition of a non-profit organization, they have successfully preserved and transformed a 1.45 mile-long abandoned rail trail in New York into a fantastic park. The path is full of plants and shrubs that are continuously growing in the gravel-mulch of the railroad which makes the place eco-friendly. It divides with a walkway in the center which is made of pebble-dash concrete that further constitutes the contemporary design of the park. This Landscape architecture is a living proof that old, rusty, and abandoned things can be saved and turn into a beautiful creation.

With these architectural landscapes around the world, you already have a lot up ideas in your mind. Put it into work by going to a professional like a Houston landscaping architect who can visualize and enhance your thoughts and making a beautiful landscape of your own.

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