Beginners Guide to Advanced Mountain Biking Techniques

If you are done with the basics of mountain biking, you should learn the techniques that advanced mountain bikers use to improve their game. In this article, we shall talk about some of the strategies that advanced mountain bikers follow to stay on top of their game.

Let’s get started.

Be aware of your surroundings

While riding a mountain bike on trails, primary focus of newbies is generally on the trail line that they are riding on. While it is true that you should focus mostly on the riding line, you must not ignore the side lines. In addition to the centre section, you should look out for wild logs, rocks etc. at the side of the trails. These obstacles have the potential to cause problems in your ride; therefore it is always advised to take actions before things get out of hand.

Be prepared for the worst

Sometimes you may not be able to see far ahead on the trail. In such a situation, assume the trail to be unsafe and full of obstacles and gear up for stuff like that. By being 100% attentive, you may be able to overcome the obstacles. If you are competing in a race and you come across such a situation, don’t forget to slow down your bike a bit unless you are able to see how the trail looks like. Remember, it’s better to lose a few seconds and still finish the race.

If you come across a blind section of the trail, make sure you that you do not speed up and have your bike under total control. You should be able to bring your bike to complete halt at will. Who knows, there may be an injured biker or a group of hikers on the trail ahead. You certainly don’t want to bump into them, injure yourself as well as inflict damage on them. Stay safe, that’s the only rule.

Plan your ride well in advance

In many of the races, you will be given a map of the track. By developing your map reading ability, you may be able to visualize and analyse difficult sections of the track and prepare well in advance. Also, it is best to ride along with the group so to overcome obstacles together. Remember, you can always speed up in the last few minutes of the race, but if you fall somewhere, then it would be very difficult for you to catch up.

By planning well in advance, you would be able to do a bunny hop, change line of riding, or decrease speed in time. Always remember that if you learn that you have to perform the above mentioned changed, do that early instead of late. Remember, mountain biking is a sport that requires you to take split second decisions. The faster you are able to respond to situations, the better you will become at handling on-trail obstacles and that’s exactly why I trust only the best diamondback mtb bikes for my rides.

Another tip here is to always keep your index fingers on the brakes; this will massively reduce your braking time and will also keep your braking intensity under control.

Mountain bikes require significant investment especially if a smooth and comfortable ride is your priority and thus their safety and maintenance becomes important and to keep safe my bike I only trust kryptonite bike locks. To know more read full kryptonite bike lock reviews.

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