Adventure in Udaipur


Udaipur is culturally rich and an apt destination for family travelers, couples and for those who seek a little bit of adventure during their trip. Perfectly known as the Venice of the East, Udaipur, the western part of Rajasthan holds the history that’s more than thousand years old. When you think of Udaipur, you think of palace, lakes, fort, and garden. Udaipur Tour Package is the perfect destination for tourists of all ages.

Adventure tourism promoted by the Forest Department of Udaipur

Udaipur is a Paradise during the month of November to mid of March. Winters are the best time to explore the beauty of the city. Rajasthan tour package includes adventure travel. Adventure activities in Udaipur were not promoted a decade ago, the Forest department has realized the importance and started organizing eco-trekking camps during the weekend for a nominal amount. The tourists, nature enthusiasts, and adventure lovers got an opportunity to learn the flora and fauna of the city.

An eco-guide from the forest department direct the group of tourists and they also explain about the area, traditions followed and more about nature and wildlife.  Though Udaipur is at its best during the winters, tourists prefer eco trails during the mid of September to October. People who are interested in nature, photography, painting, biodiversity, heritage, bird watching and adventure can opt for this trail.

You need to follow the rules defined by the Forest department

  • You are not allowed to feed wild animals
  • Cooking is prohibited during the trail
  • You must not talk loudly in restricted areas
  • Smoking is strictly not allowed
  • You should follow the instruction of the eco-guide and should not trek on your own route

Enjoy the aerial views from the ropeway

The ropeway is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Udaipur and this activity is included in almost every Udaipur packages.  Most of the tourists opt for the ropeway to enjoy the adventure and thrill it brings. Ropeway travel is affordable and the experiences are outstanding. One can witness the beauty of the lakes, palaces, gardens, and temples from the aerial view that’s spectacular.

Water sports in Lakes

The lakes in Udaipur are clean and many water sports are encouraged. Boat rides, speed boats, Jet ski are the major attractions. Evenings are the best time to enjoy adventure activities at the lakes.

If you are visiting Udaipur, don’t forget to enjoy the adventure side! Choose the best Udaipur tour package. It’s the best place to visit and has an of attractions that will help you create memories that last for long.

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