5 Common Travel Fears and how to tackle them


Traveling is an adventure which gives you a thrill and an adrenaline rush like none other. You want your journey to be peaceful and relaxing and do everything in your power to prevent stressful situations while. For this reason, you prepare your entire travel plan and buy all the things you may require while, well before the travel day.

Your travel fears are some things that you want to avoid at all costs as nothing ruins a good vacation like travel phobias. It is important to know how to overcome your travel fears. If can tackle all your travel fears you will be able to have a stress free vacation.

Here are some of the most common travel fears which people experience and ways to tackle them:

1.     Fear of Air travel

Believe it or not, Aviophobia (fear of flying) is very common and most people choose to stay at home rather than by plane. This fear is the cause of a nervous breakdown in many people and makes people restless.

The best way to tackle this fear is by keeping yourself distracted. If you do not think about the air journey, you will not be bothered by it at all. You can keep yourself busy with your favorite book or watch an interesting TV show. When you are indulged in something you really like, you forget about trivial fears and can’t keep track of time.

Another way to handle fear of air journey is by taking medicines to help calm yourself down. However, you should consult with your doctor before taking these medicines.

1.     Fear of food poisoning

While traveling you want to try all the local street foods that you cannot find back home. It is very common to suffer from food poisoning when traveling as your stomach may not be able to adjust to the change.

It takes at least 3 days up to a week to recover from a case of food poisoning. This is why you want to avoid it at all costs and it is the most common travel fears among people.

Carrying prescribed medications to prevent vomiting and food poisoning is the best way to tackle this fear. You may also take some antibiotic medicines or injects which will keep you safe from bad cases of diarrhea and other stomach related problems.

2.     Fear of bugs, especially spiders

When you are at home you know you are in a safe environment and no bugs and spiders can cause you any distress. However, when you travel to unknown places, whether it is a jungle or an expensive hotel, you can never be sure that you are completely protected against these dangerous creatures.

According to Mesa spider control experts, Black Widow Spiders are very dangerous and are 15x’s more venomous than a Rattlesnake. These spiders can be anywhere and everywhere and you need prevention from them.

The best way to keep spiders and other bugs away from you is by carrying a bug repellent with you. You can find bug repellent sprays or creams that you can apply to keep these creatures away.

3.     Fear of losing your belongings

Traveling is a very hard task especially if you are carrying lots of luggage and have a careless personality. Even if you are a very careful person, the fear of losing important things like passport, tickets or other items is very common.

To efficiently handle all your belongings while traveling you need to make a checklist of the items that you are carrying. Before leaving the house or your hotel room, check from the list which items you have packed and which are left behind.

4.     Fear of getting lost in a foreign city

This is a very common concern among travelers and a valid one too. You can never lose track of time and place when you are in a foreign country or city. If you get lost in an unknown area, finding your way back to your hotel can prove to be quite expensive and troublesome.

Being careful is the key to overcome this fear of getting lost. Using Google maps is a very helpful way of keeping track of your location and finding your way back to your hotel.

If you want to have a stress free travel, it is always better to be prepared to face your worst fears. Know what you fear the most and learn how to overcome them and have great travel experience.

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