4 Ways to Discover the Romance of Agra – Beyond Visiting the Taj Mahal


Planning a trip to Agra? And, you feel like there is nothing romantic to do or see beyond the Taj Mahal? Then, think twice. The city offers many experiences for you and your partner to soak in the glory of this city of love. So, before you make your Agra hotel booking have a look at these best and memorable experiences.

Watch the saga unfold: How about knowing a bit more about the most romantic story of India, and probably the world? The life and love story of Emperor Shah Jahan and his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal is depicted in the form of a dance-drama every evening at Kalakriti Cultural Convention Center. This one of a kind show leaves everyone mesmerized with its creative storytelling and colorful light effects on a replica of Taj Mahal. You can watch this show in Hindi and Urdu. Its interpretation in English, French and German is also available through headphones while the show is on.

Indulge your senses: Laze your way around on a rather unhurried afternoon filled with some sensory pleasures. Book a spa for two at ITC Mughal, Agra and enjoy the splendor of their spa and wellness hub, Kaya Kalp – The Royal Spa. For the most exhilarating experience try their Royal Mughal Hamam. Let your therapist work the magic of their fingers on you as they cleanse and knead into your skin, relaxing every nerve and pressure point. They use traditional Persian, natural, ingredients for scrubs and washes. Round the experience with a rejuvenating drink, and come out new and afresh.

Love from a distance: Seeing the Taj Mahal up close has no match of course but enjoying its beauty from a distance is even more romantic. Yes, there are a couple of places in Agra where you can get a glimpse of the Taj from a distance. After a day of sightseeing in the city, soak in the luxury at Amar Vilas, one of the finest and 5 star hotels in Agra. Enjoy a drink with your beloved at the terrace bar of the hotel while you watch the sunset behind the Taj.

A day in quietude: Just on the fringes of Agra-Delhi National Highway, there lies situated the Keetham lake, home to several migratory birds, gracing its waters. You don’t need to be a wildlife enthusiast couple for this one. Just experience the calm of the moment as you soak in the serene environs of the place. The quaint beauty of the lake and around will captivate your senses and is a perfect place for you two to spend some time away from the bustle of the city. Bird watching is another therapeutic activity that you can indulge in, which will only make your bond stronger and deeper as birds after all stand as the symbol of love.

These activities will sure tempt you to make your next plan to visit Agra for an even more romantic stay in the city.

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