What Not to Pack While Traveling

Traveling light is most joy able. Traveling with many stuffed bags reduce the fun of trip and increases the tension. The aim is really very simple take less things to enjoy more. But when we you start packing you may be confuse what to pack and what to not. Everything seems important as we use them in our daily life. But traveling is something different from daily routine we must cut down our needs and pack the bag wisely so that less luggage will help us to remain light and free from tension. Sometimes we like many dresses of ours and try to take them all with us so that we can capture our photos in our beloved dresses but this thought can cause problem to us as too many luggage can cause extra airline bill and busy hands. Let us take a look what to pack and how to manage the luggage.


Don’t pack too many clothes.

Many travellers lessen their joy by packing their bags with too many clothes I advise not to pack too many clothes as it will create burden. If you are going for adventure and to discover new places take some trousers and shirts with you, for two or more dinners at nice hotel just take two dresses with you. Take just one hand bag which can be matched with many dresses.

Pack the shoes than can be wear with multiple dresses and for trip boots are fit and for dinner or lunch one pair of fancy shoes is enough

Don’t Pack Your Whole Beauty Box

Don’t even try to pack all the beauty products you use in daily routine. If you are adventurous and love to find exotic destinations you must avoid carrying too much beauty products. Use hotel toiletries instead of taking yours. Don’t take family pack of beauty products, rather purchase small sachet packs so that less weight enhance your happiness of trip. One shampoo, conditioner and a cream is enough in your bag. Choose the lipstick which can be used with many dresses, taking as many lipsticks as dresses can cause fuss in your bag and you cannot be so easy with this. Share the products with travelling partner so that fewer things can benefit you more.

Check the Weather before Packing

Check the weather of your destination before packing and take the things accordingly. This will limit your packing and help you to get prepared with the weather.

Don’t Pack the Items which can be bought there

To pack the items which can be bought at destination is quite useless don’t create a mess in your bag try to be light and free. Try to buy sample packs there as it will save the space while coming back and money also.

Don’t pack too much jewelry

Wear the ear rings that can go with many dresses, avoid taking much jewelry. Believe me you will look awesome in pictures without even wearing jewelry as light weight bags will reduce the tension and happy face looks more cute as hectic with many accessories J

About Author

This article is written by Jones Smith; Jones is a tour guide and complains about heavy luggage carried by visitors which creates problems with them and Jones too.

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