Top 5 RV Stops From Boston to New York City

The United States of America—what a gorgeous country! Have you ever taken a moment to consider its incredible cities and fascinating national parks? If not, now may be the time. What’s more, why not consider taking a motorhome rental and road tripping on some of the best routes?

This area of the United States is extremely beautiful and full of hidden spots that will amaze you with their beauty. While our list has some of the cities that you’ll want to visit, you can rest assured that there are plenty of nature spots to stop and admire while traveling the Boston to New York route.

A road trip from Boston to New York will not only bring you to one of the most visited cities in the world, but also reward you with fantastic places along the way. If you’re planning a trip for the holidays, why not consider these following 5 RV stops from Boston to New York:

1.Cape Cod-Cape Cod may not exactly be on your way from Boston to New York City, but it’s still a place that you should see while in the area. If you have time to work with for your road trip, you’ll want to visit this charming island where you can enjoy the iconic views of lighthouses, white sand, and gorgeous coastal waters. A popular destination, Cape Cod is one of the best places for resting at. “Bostonites” and New Yorkers often visit Cape Cod for a weekend getaway.

From visiting old cottages and adorable restaurants to exploring the beach or enjoying a glass of wine or two, a stop at Cape Cod will be a rewarding one.

2. Mystic-After you have had your fill of Cape Cod, head on over to Mystic, CT. From a great aquarium to visit with your kids to stopping by the Mystic Seaport. This waterfront city is charming and romantic and a pleasant place to visit while road tripping in a motorhome rental. If you’re traveling with friends or alone, consider getting on a party boat for a unique experience or go fishing. Don’t forget to visit the Charles W. Morgan and make sure to try oysters at the Oyster Club. You’ll love it if you appreciate seafood.

3. New Haven

The best time to visit New Haven is during the autumn when the trees are changing colors and the parks are more beautiful than ever. Of course, any time of the year in New Haven is a great idea. What can you do there? Well, you may want to visit Yale University. Sure, you may not attend classes there, may never attend classes there, or may not want to, but it’s a historical site in its own right. It’s really pretty too. For beautiful views of this romantic city, visit East Rock Park. You’ll be rewarded with views of the city and its plethora of trees.

4. Newport

How about visiting some gorgeous mansions? The Newport area is full of some incredible mansions built years ago. From the Breakers to the Marble House, you can enjoy observing these gorgeous homes…and imagine living in them. If that isn’t your cup of tea, go visit the Fort Adams State Park. You can enjoy a concert there, outdoor fun, or even go sailing on the water. What about art? If you’re an art fanatic, you can’t miss out on visiting the National Museum of American Illustration.

5. Providence

While you’re still in the state of Rhode Island, you’ll want to stop on by Providence. A city that is full of historical architecture, much like other cities in the area, it’s a good stop for culture buffs who love learning more about U.S. history. Take some time to enjoy the outdoors at Roger Williams Park or take the kids to Roger Williams Park Zoo. If you want to admire an impressive building, go to the State House. It’s fascinating.

Don’t Miss Out

The Northeast is a gorgeous area in the United States. It’s also one of the most popular places to be able to observe historical architecture. A road trip in the area will reward you with new experiences, as well as beautiful scenery. It’s a great idea for a holiday road trip, when the weather is cool, and the landscapes are breathtaking.

If you’re considering a road trip in a motorhome rental, this could be a great way to enjoy a trip from Boston to New York City. It’s no wonder that many people from around the world make it a point to visit this area of the U.S. It’s rich in gorgeous landscapes and beautiful scenery. Make sure to set aside plenty of time to get to know NYC. It’s a city that will not disappoint. 

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