Driving Tips when you Rent a Car in Sydney

If you are a foreigner looking to rent a car in Sydney, you must be sure to familiarize yourself with Australia’s traffic rules. Even if you come from a country like the UK where the driver’s seat is also on the right-hand side, you still need to adjust to the nuances of Australian traffic.

Make sure you have an international driver’s license. Before even attempting to rent a car in Sydney, make sure that you have all the documentations and permits ready before driving. If you are a holder of an international driver’s license, you may have to check if the license is valid for use in Sydney, or if you need to acquire other documents to use it. Your international driver’s license needs a photo. If it does not have one, you need to carry around other IDs like your passport which does have a photo.

Keep left unless overtaking. Because the driver’s seat is on the right hand side, you need to make sure that you always keep left when you rent a car in Sydney. Most accidents involving Sydney car rentals happen when the driver, who happens to be a foreigner, forgets that the traffic generally comes from the right in the country. An easier way to remember this is by making sure that you, as a driver, are always in the spot closes to the middle of the road.

Never turn left on a red light. As simple as it may sound, not all countries have this same rule. Just remember that when you are driving in Australia, you should not turn left when the traffic light is red. The traffic rules in Australia are very strict, and if you are not careful, you may just score enough demerit points to lose your license.

Do not use your mobile phone while in the car. Unlike other countries, Australia is very strict in implementing its don’t text/call while driving rule. When you rent a car in Sydney, make sure you never use your mobile phone or cell phone while you are driving, even if you are stationary. Just checking your messages or taking a photo while you are not parked can score you a ticket in this country.

Try not to drive at night. If you are staying in major urban areas like Sydney, then it is still safe to drive at night. However, if you have to cross or pass by the outback, then it is advised for you to drive only during the daytime. This is because most of wildlife here is nocturnal. The animals can come out at night in an unlit part of the road and that can cause an accident if you are not vigilant. On the road, you will also be driving with plenty of big trucks. If it’s dark, big trucks as company on the road can be risky for your smaller rent a car in Sydney.

Prepare for long drives. Every chance you get, gas up at a Servo (self-service gas station). There might not be another gas station for miles. You must also stock up on water and food because, if you are crossing the Outback, very little provisions may be available especially for someone like you who is new in the area.

You’ve researched about the traffic rules and common mistakes when driving in Sydney and now it’s time to rent a car in Sydney. Go for Discount Car And Truck Rentals, we give you the best rides without compromising your safety.

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