Detailed Guide To The Best Shopping Centers In Hong Kong

Quality shopping experiences require world-class shopping malls.  It’s not like shopping in small malls is a bad idea though. The only problem is you won’t get the variety and quality products you desire. If planning to tour Hong Kong and would want to know the best shopping malls before you book your favorite hotel, here we have verified Hong Kong shopping area information to enable you to select the best shopping centers with ease.

The New Town Plaza

This is a complex mega shopping mall that features multiple fashion brand shops and more than 900 international designer labels. It is strategically located within a 10-minute walk from Regal Riverside Hotel. It has award-winning boutiques, all-types furniture, shops, cinema, dining spots and home decorations.

Festival Walk

This shopping mall has more than 200 restaurants and retail stores, ice rinks, and cinemas. It is located just a few meters away from the Regal Oriental hotel.

The One Mall

This remains the tallest Hong Kong retail mall. It gives the best shopping experience for people with varied tastes and preferences.

T Galleria

This world-class shopping mall offers the world’s best luxury accessories, cosmetics, leather goods, souvenirs and latest fashions at duty-free savings. It is the best choice for those looking to get award-winning and premium products at the most affordable market rates.

Harbor City

This mega shopping mall is built on over two million square foot surface. It is an all-encompassing shopping mall that boasts thousands of international brands and more than 450 shops.

The Time Square Shopping Mall

This is the best and most popular Hong Kong tourist attraction. It is known for featuring over 230 world-class brands and a multitude of exclusive shops offering accessories, voguish apparel, jewelry, and leather goods.

The SOGO Mall

SOGO is Hong Kong’s biggest store that specializes in the sale of Japanese-style goods and products.  It is known to be one of the best shopping landmarks for tourists and Hong Kong people that give a real taste of Japanese lifestyle goods.

The Tai O Fishing Village

Though antique, Tai O Fishing Village still remains a force to reckon on in the Hong Kong’s malls ranking.  It provides the best tourist attractions such as the stilt houses and temples constructed on top of the water. The salted fish, dried seafood, and handmade shrimp paste all blended with amazing and unique flavors make Tai O the place to be.

The Ladies’ Market

This mall has over 100 bargain clothes stalls, souvenirs, and accessories. The mall’s name is derived from the extensive range of women accessories and clothes offered for sale.  That doesn’t mean the store deals with clothing only as you will also find a variety of other products such as CDs, watches, trinkets, bags, cosmetics, and home furnishings offered for sale.

The Citygate Outlets

This amazing Hong Kong mall offers a huge selection of branded items at the best market rates.  The mall also offers amazing entertainment and ambiance facilities that will make your shopping experience as soothing and wonderful as possible.

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