Any Malaysia Trip Is Not Complete Without the Genting Highlands


Malaysia is home to a wide range of amazing attractions, beautiful views, and spectacular locations that never disappoint excited travellers, but some fail to visit one of its highlights, the Genting Highlands. These are clean, refreshing highlands with modernised cities equipped with everything that you could possibly need for a holiday full of fun and excitement and it is the perfect place for any individual, couple, or group to explore. It is even family-friendly in the majority of the area, allowing you to bring your children along for much of the daytime fun with ease.

Located just one hour by car from Kuala Lumpur, this is a set on a mountain peak and will have some of the most comfortable weather that you will ever enjoy. Located inside the area is a spectacular theme part, a farm full of sweet strawberries, cable car rides, and much more for you and your companions to enjoy. You may spend days at this amazing location and still not see every area to explore, leaving you with plenty of reason to return a second time in the near future.


To get the best accommodations offered in the area, simply search for the location of new hotel in Genting Highlands and then let the fun begin. The hotels offer a wide range of unforgettable amenities and are located right in the heart of the Genting Islands so that you may walk or easily take a short ride to anywhere that you need to go. No matter if you stay alone or with company, there are rooms designed with your comfort and convenience in mind and you never know just how amazing your stay can become until you arrive and see it all for yourself.


If you are of legal age to enjoy them, the Genting Highlands are home to some of the best casinos in the world, allowing you to play many of the games that you know and love as well as a few brand-new options. You may yet win even more cash with which to enjoy additional luxuries during your trip and these casinos offer a classy place to enjoy some fun and entertainment with the adults of your group. It is important to know that most casinos in this area require a strict dress code and you should dress appropriately to ensure that you get the best experience possible.

Cable Cars

It is certainly possible for you to reach Genting Highlands using a land vehicle but the best way for you to arrive at the location is by travelling in a cable car. During your ride, expect to move swiftly over the length of the highlands with a view stretching kilometres and covered in the lush, green colour of the mountains. The ride is a short one, lasting only around 15 minutes from start to finish, but the sights seen from the time that you step into the cable car to the time that you arrive at the platform will stay with you for the rest of your life.


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